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As the global competition is heating up day by day, emphasis on efficiency & quality is increasing in even highly successful organizations. To be more efficient, they need to reduce the time to market, production cost, time and effort. Automation plays a crucial role in achieving better efficiency by reducing the testing effort and improving the quality. That’s why, every professional software organization is focusing on ‘Automation of Testing’ and there is a huge demand of good automation engineers who can write good automation scripts in various languages as per the need. Still there is an ongoing demand of automation engineers as well as ever-growing need to automate more and more test cases & increase the test coverage to ensure better quality.

Here are few reasons about why do we need to automate.

> Manual Testing is very time consuming and costly in terms of resources. Automation increases speed of test execution.
> Manual Testing can become boring and hence error prone. Automation helps in improving accuracy & reliability in results, ensures consistency.
> Manual Testing of all work flows, all fields, all negative scenarios is time and cost consuming.
> Automating test processes helps achieve higher quality through better coverage, in less time (70% faster than the manual testing).
> By eliminating manual errors and increasing accuracy, automation makes the test process more successful in achieving its goals.
> By automating, more can be done without growing staffing levels over time.
> Automation does not require Human intervention. Automated tests can be run unattended (overnight).
> Automation can free up time to allow programmers and testers to focus on specific changes or areas that can’t be automated.
> Automation helps in reducing time to market.


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