Frequently Asked Questions

Ans: No, there is no scripting required for using TestOptimizer. All you need to know is how to write test cases in a spreadsheet (like Excel).

Ans: TO supports Win7, Win8.x, Linux (Ubuntu, Mint, Red Hat) and on demand we also give support to Mac Os.

Ans: TO supports latest 3 versions of most popular browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera & Ghost.

Ans: Yes, it is possible to achieve it through ‘Looping’ feature. Using this feature, TO picks up data inputs from spreadsheet, executes all the test cases seamlessly and then publishes results data-wise in the spreadsheet itself.

Ans: Yes, TO supports screenshots for every action during execution of test cases. For this, all you need to do is, put a checkmark in the ‘Screenshots’ column when you are prompted for selecting various platforms.

Ans: Yes, It’s very simple to achieve ‘Selective Execution’ by putting a ‘Y’ in the ‘Execute’ column for any test case you would like to execute and ‘N’ for the ones you would like to skip. TO will skip all those test cases, where ‘N’ is mentioned in the ‘Execute’ column.

Ans: Yes, TO supports ‘Parallel Execution’ i.e. you can execute your test cases on multiple browsers simultaneously on the same machine (Desktop/Laptop/VM). TO gives flexibility to user to choose select ‘Execution Mode’ – ‘Parallel Execution’ or ‘Sequential Execution’.

Ans: Yes, we can send report of the execution through mail. When we start execution, user will get a pop-up window asking them who all needs to be reported the results and all their emails can be entered there.

Ans: “Object not found” errors occur mostly because of time-out issue, to handle these errors gracefully, you can use any of the below keywords:
i. Wait Keyword: waits for the time duration given.
ii. Waitfor Keyword: waits for the page to load completely.

Ans: Yes, by using the ‘Execute’ keyword, we can execute the database queries and also compare the results using the ‘Compare’ keyword.

Ans: Time taken to learn TestOptimizer varies from user to user. If someone has basic understanding of various elements/components of web-sites, they can start using TO within 2-4 hrs itself.

Ans: There are multiple ways to get help whenever you’re stuck. You can visit the TO website
Go thru the videos,
Refer to the User’s Guide and
Call the support at ‘Contact Us’.

Ans: Yes, TO handles test failures gracefully. It reports various failures in the results sheet and then moves on to executing the next test cases.


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