TestOptimizer is built on a patented technology and one can view the published patent at USPTO site. TestOptimizer can execute testcases written in a tabular format (spreadsheet, like, MS-Excel) in automated way for any web application and share reports over email. One can also run testcases on all major browsers, major Operating Systems and receive reports over emails.
We have 2 Editions of TestOptimizer and brief about them and comparison of features are listed below.

Professional Edition: This is a free version of TestOptimizer with almost full functionalities worth $900 (₹ 50,000). With this, One can automate almost all kinds of elements, components and features of web applications as mentioned below. One may Click Here to download the Professional Edition.

Enterprise Edition: This is designed for large web applications where speed of execution also matters hence we enable you in executing automated tests over night with build itself. We would enable you to do your first test automation and you will also get full Customer Support throughout the year. One can understand the pricing here.
Feature list of both the Editions are mentioned below:


Elements Professional Enterprise
Textbox / Textarea
Auto Suggestion
Drop Down
Radio Button
Check Box
Forward & Backward Navigation
Components Professional Enterprise
Drag & Drop
Grid Search
Broken Links
Upload & Download
New Tab Window
Mouse Hover
Tool Tip
Authentication Window
Scroll (Vertical & Horiozontal)
Match Pdf
Frame / IFrame
Video (Play, Pause, etc.)
Features Professional Enterprise
TestCase Management
Cross Browser Execution
Reporting (ScreenShots, HTML & Chart)
LogMode (Info & Debug)
Execute Command
Custom Action
If then else
Store Value
Email Report
Defect Management Tool
Grouping of testcases
Support Email + User forum Click Here
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