Why Testoptimizer?


TestOptimizer is a Smart and Simple Spreadsheet based Test automation framework for web applications testing. It helps to test web applications across different platforms and browsers with high reliability and near zero maintenance. It works well in Agile development environments to do quick and continuous automation. It helps organizations in dealing with 4 Challenges of Automation which are:
4 Reasons To Choose Testoptimizer

(Is the tool compatible with various operating systems, browsers and their versions?)

  • One can run testcases on Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari (On Windows), Opera and Ghost browser and its versions.
  • One can run testcases on Windows, Linux operating systems and its versions.



(Is Skilled Resource required to write complex code for automation?)

  • Automation is possible from testcases in Excel itself hence coding is not required.
  • Anyone including management, business analyst, manual testers can use the tool.
  • Acceptance Test Driven Development (ATDD) is possible for Agile teams as it will improve quality and release faster.
  • Automation can be done by anyone hence dependency on skilled resources is not there.
Continuity and maintenance

(Does requirements or UI change often? Can test automation keep pace with changing requirements?)

  • One can write testcases in a Spreadsheet in parallel to coding and run those testcases in automated way.
  • Even if requirements changes, testers need to only change testcases and automation is taken care.
  • Testcases are much easy to maintain with respect to code. Tool is based on keywords hence its easy to write testcases.
  • Tool can run testcases in automated way with build process itself over night

Cost effectiveness

(Is license cost high? Does it need expensive skills? Does it need specific trainings or has a learning curve?)

  • We have professional edition which is good enough for basic websites or forms or pages and for large web applications, license cost is very low and almost 10-25% as compared to other tools in the market.
  • It does not require specific skills hence cost of automation comes down heavily.
  • It takes only 2 hours to understand TestOptimizer and write testcases in specific format which tool can understand.
  • You may learn about pricing here
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